My Ethos

Hello! I am Kate and I live in West Sussex with my husband and our two four-legged furry children - Bob and Emma. I launched my online shop in the summer of 2017. All my jewellery is created in my workshop at the back of our little house and this is where I spend a lot of my time hand-piercing, hammering and soldering silver to turn it into beautiful pieces of jewellery.

I strongly believe we all have a responsibility for the world we live in and should treat it with respect. I carry this belief through to my jewellery business by using only recycled silver and ethically sourced gemstones which I purchase from trusted sellers. (Please note that the pieces in the 'sale' section in the online store are not made from recycled silver, these are clearance pieces and all of my current work is produced ethically and sustainably). Packaging used to send out orders is also recycled, ethically and sustainably sourced as well as biodegradable. On the odd occasion I send out an order with packaging that is not biodegradable such as bubblewrap it is because I have received this in a parcel myself and I am reusing it, I respectfully ask that anyone receiving orders from me reuse and recycle any packaging responsibly.


My Story

I first started making jewellery in 2008, working as a neonatal nurse was taking its toll on me and I needed a creative outlet. I scoured the internet at various courses for new hobby ideas, when I found a metalsmithing course I knew that was for me. A full-time course wasn't an option as I had rent to pay so instead I bought a 'Learn to make jewellery' book and spent all my savings on the equipment to get me going. My Grandad was once a watch repairman and my Dad had kept his old workbench from this, so to this day I use my Grandad's old workbench.

I am no expert jeweller by far, after spending all my savings on the equipment to set up a basic workshop I had no idea where to start so I had a day long crash course with Sarah Stafford at her home studio on the coast of East Sussex. This got me going for a while and after some practising with the basics at home I went on to do self-led evening classes at Jonathan Swan's Workshop in Lewes. 


When i'm not walking the dogs, as well as making jewellery you can find me practising yoga (badly), going for runs or experimenting with various crafts like making kokedama, screen printing, sewing, baking and planning content for a blog I write with a friend!

K x